Great Cover Letter

Great Cover Letter : Can help you soar high in career 

Great Cover Letters are a vital tool to make you more saleable in the job market. They make you more promising candidate among thousand others. They can help you in getting more interview calls from the companies. Even today great cover letters are deemed important by the hiring managers. But they receive heaps of CVs and cover letters each day. In such a condition it is advisable that you draft your letter in such a way that it attracts the attention of the organization in an instance and you secure your dream job.

Great Cover Letter : The Mantras 

Explicitly Display Your Capabilities

While writing a great cover letter you have to showcase your own capabilities to the fullest. You have to make yourself the most resourceful candidate from others. Just not write what all you have attained in past, but also tell the company about your future plans. Show them how you can be great source for them in achieving their organizational goals. You have to state clearly that you have ‘XYZ’ skill set to achieve ‘ABC’ goals of the company. Jenny Foss, job search expert and founder of says, “Determine the key requirements and priorities for this job, and make it instantly clear to the reviewer that you can deliver the goods on these key things.”

Do Not Mention Your Expectations

You should never mention your expectations from the company for writing a great cover letter. Always state what you can do for the company, how you can help in achieving in organizational targets, how you be resourceful for reaping profits, never state what you expect something from the company. It shows that you are more at the receiving end.

Never Re-iterate Your Resume

Great cover letters are not a repetition of your resumes. Always make the best use of the cover letter to quantify your achievements. There is no restriction of using only bullet points in cover letter. So you can explain in detail how achieved or learnt something from your past company, past experience.

Focus on Relevant Skills

The emphasis should always be on the relevant skills sets for the position applied for. Irrelevant skills will not help at all. Hiring managers are looking out for the appropriate skills that gel well with the current vacant position.

Be Descriptive

When you write your cover letter make it perfect by using descriptive language. As you have the liberty to tell stories in great cover letters, you can furnish details about your responsibilities or how you helped your past employers to realize their organizational goals.

Provide Testimonials

If you are great employee and have achieved something really big you can always show it your prospective employers. You can use your outstanding feedback forms given by clients, boss, colleagues or you can produce certificates, appreciation letters for providing a testimonial of your candidature.

Usage of Quantifiable Numbers

If your achievements can be quantified, nothing can be great than this. Hiring managers are always obsessed with numbers especially the sales managers. So if you can provide evidence that due to your efforts and skills the sales record of your past company had raised to certain level, it would be excellent.

Showcase Relevant Experience and not Primarily Education

It may sound absurd but yes it is true. The hiring managers are though keen to know about your qualifications but they are more anxious about your relevant experience for the position. They can analyze if you are a befitting candidate just by considering your experience. So just stating your qualification won’t work. Furnish the details of relevant experience for any given job position. 

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