Good Cover Letter

Good Cover Letter are always in demand. But how do you write them to attract more interview calls from the hiring managers. Here are top ten most powerful ten secrets to draft a good cover letter:

In Pre Writing Phase

Research: Always research the content what you put in the cover letters. Research well about the company’s history, its inception, its vision, its mission, it current brand image, its future endeavors. If you research well, your content would speak about it itself.

Choose the Right Approach: There are number of approaches to pick. But to make a good cover letter, it is important that you choose the correct approach to write. Pick the relevant format, choose the right jargons and keep it simple yet effective.

Analyze the Relevance: Before writing, just analyze the relevance of cover letter. Understand the importance of good cover letter. Make a list of your skill sets and analyze if they match with the skill-sets asked for the given position. Always try to connect your qualifications, skills, experience and achievements with the company’s goals.

In the Writing Phase

Avoid Typos and Grammatical Errors: Grammatical errors and typos are surely an indication of a carelessly drafted cover letter. Managers reject such letter instantly. Make sure you write the company’s name correctly. There should be no grammatical mistakes and typos in a good cover letter.

Avoid Being Too Personal: Though cover letters are a personal document where you have to give in all your personal details, but this doesn’t mean that you have to go on and on about boasting yourself. You have to be precise and write efficiently. Personal cover letters are looked down upon as a self appreciation letter.

Use Relevant Format: Pick the relevant format for drafting good cover letter. Outdated formats do not work in the industry and show that you are not updated or not following the current trends of the industry.

Showcase Your Skills: You need to showcase your skills to the employers. If numbers can be produced to quantify your candidature it would be great. Recruiters and managers always look for those skill sets and experiences which can contribute towards the realization of the organizational goal.

Address the Values of Organization: While writing the cover letters, you have to provide personal information, but never forget to address the core values of the organization you are going to work for. Too personal cover letters show that candidate is interested in himself more rather than the organization. Companies wish to hire employees who can meet their cultural and ethical values.

Use Keywords for Referencing: When you are referencing your qualifications, or your past experiences, it is advisable to use keywords. Incorporation of keywords would fetch better career opportunities. For this, use industry jargons, key phrases while describing your skills and experiences.

Be Exclusive: Make your exclusive, be original if you wish to write a good cover letter. Instead of using standard writing formats, the letter should be creative and unique. A good cover letter always carries superior writing style and detailed expression to the potential employer.

 In Post Writing Phase

Proofread: Once you have written your cover letter, proofread it. Edit it if needed. Take help of your family, friends, co-workers, relative, anyone and everyone who can assist you. Proofreading makes your cover letter less error prone.

Analyze: Once proofreading is done, analyze for yourself is you have incorporated everything you wished to state in the letter. Try to analyze the purpose of the cover letter and match the skills with the company’s requirements.

Hope this would help you in writing a Good Cover Letter. 


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