Submit A Cover Letter And Land Your Dream Jobs

Submit A Cover Letter And Land Your Dream Internship/ Jobs!

A cover letter is a must when applying for a internship. The advice may appear too forceful to follow. But, know that you are always expected to submit a letter along with your résumé. It is true that lots of employers don’t read a cover letter. But, surveys show that a majority of hirers take time to read it if they receive one. Following is an overview of the things a cover letter does for you.

1.It introduces you

A cover letter often tells many things your résumé can’t reveal. It introduces you as a perfect candidate for the internship. You also offer insights into your personality. Your style of writing, the enthusiasm expressed in the letter; all reveal how you will fit in the team.

2.It highlights your skills

It is true that a résumé will discuss your skills and the work experience you have. But, it may happen that you find yourself unable to document everything in a single page. In such a situation, you will have to sacrifice space to talk more of your expertise. A cover letter lets you tailor your achievements in such a way as to fit the company in question.

3.A cover letter lets you be creative

When submitting a résumé, you will have to maintain a particular format based on the type of internship you seek. With no such restrictions when writing, cover letter allows you to be as creative as you can. Talk about your hobbies which you feel bay be of help tothe company. You should also remain positive all through the letter and try to convince why you are the best fit for the internship.

Points to remember

Remember the following points when sending a cover letter.

1.Practice utmost caution when deciding type and format

Know that sky is the limit when it comes to your options when sending a cover letter. Let the type of company and the internship you want have the final word when making choice. The letter should also be easy to read and well formatted.

2.Don’t beat around the bush

Don’t repeat your résumé in your letter. Be clear as to why you are writing it and how you are different from the thousands of others. End the write-up with a call for action. A requestfor a follow-up contact would do great. Let them know that you are truly interested in the internship.

3.Write about the firm

Explore the Internet and talk a bit about the company. Explain why you want to work with this prospective employer. Writing on the things you got impressed about the company will do wonders for you here.

Try to use keywords you saw in the advertisement. Incorporating industry-related jargons too is highly recommended here.

Remember these points when including a cover letter in your internship application. You will have no trouble landing in your dream internship! 

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